The quest on finding my real identity

These are the questions that we tend to ask about people. What are we asking and what answers are we looking for?

The quest on finding my real identity

The one we call Jesus of Nazareth. He, too, was filled with questions. Why are we here? Does our life really matter? He, too, knew uncertainty, anxiety, fear. He, too, looked out and saw a world that was changing far too fast, a world where the old rules seemed to give way to something yet to be defined.

He, too, wondered what he was meant to do with this life he was given. He, too, wondered if his work, his job, meant anything in the long run. He, too, yearned for real spiritual connection and a sense of community. He, too, wondered who he truly was. Jesus left it all behind.

He left family, he left home, he left life as he knew it. He walked deep into the wilderness. He entered the wasteland, to live within his questions, to earn his answers. There he waited, in heat, in sun, in stillness, in thirst, in hunger, in yearning.

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He was unshaven, unwashed, unfed, but unwilling to give up his need for an experience of the True. On the fortieth day in that desert, he awoke, too tired to demand, too tired to ask, too tired to search. All thoughts had been purged from his mind, save for one word. Softly, he breathed his own name, his own true identity.

The time to leave the desert had come. In Sanskrit, our identity is called Nam. But Nam has a much deeper meaning than simply a surface name.

Nam penetrates to the core of being. Nam is the essence of something. Most of us tend to identify with the obvious surface of our lives. Most of us tend to identify with the way we feel at any given moment.

Consider the thoughts that float through our head over the course of our day.

The quest on finding my real identity

We have thousands upon thousands of thoughts. I need to do that. I really want to eat that cookie. I really want to lose some weight.

The quest on finding my real identity

I have so much to do. Give me some space. When will he die? How will I die? Round and round and round. Most of us identify with this commotion of emotion that swirls inside our head.

We think that is who we are. Thought after thought after thought, always shifting, changing, sweeping us into a new feeling. It is like a ride at the state fair.Identity - The Quest For Identity My Account. The Quest For Identity Essay examples change happens, or the event that sets the quest in motion.

Next is the unchartered territory, in this stage the real adventure happens; a person can geographically venture into new territory, or an experience an emotional journey somewhere outside of their.

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Harvard Medical School. "Ending a year quest, scientists reveal the identity of 'hearing' protein." ScienceDaily. So echoes the quest to realize our true identity.

This Is How You Find Your True Identity is cataloged in Finding Your Center, Finding Your Identity, Finding Yourself, Living Your Best Life, Self-Love.

https. This call to be a womb to the world, to nurture the world, is our true identity.

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This all-encompassing love that demands connection, relationship and action is our true identity. Our Unitarian and Universalist ancestors believed in compassion. - Quest for Personal Identity in The Bluest Eye A main theme in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye is the quest for individual identity and the influences of the family and community in that quest.

This theme is present throughout the novel and evident in many of the characters. The search for self identity requires asking the important question of ourselves - who am I, what is my self identity?

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Self Identity - Who am I?