Skadurz pro case study

The tablet is transformed to an easy-to-carry device with the back hand strap and briefcase handle attachments, which are included.

Skadurz pro case study

Although Microsoft empowers employees to choose or bring their own devices for work, we maintain a Microsoft IT standard devices list—it includes devices that have passed our Microsoft IT client hardware certification to provide reliable hardware and out-of-the-box experience so that they can be immediately productive in our environment.

Our certification process includes hardware testing, performance testing, peripheral compatibility, benchmarking, and hardware configurations. We require all of these to help ensure employee productivity, user authentication, secure connectivity, and information security.

Our current standard devices list includes Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book—and they have quickly become popular choices throughout the company.


Corporate client hardware standards and certification Employees use our list of corporate standard devices to select a computer that will best meet their work needs in our environment.

By maintaining a standard devices list, we give our employees choices, while maintaining control of our device inventory and making sure that IT administrators and support technicians are ready to support them. We use a client hardware certification process to determine which Skadurz pro case study can be included on the standard devices list.

Certification also helps our support technicians respond to issues and hardware failure more quickly. Microsoft IT client hardware certification focuses on functionality, durability, and workspace features—like multi-monitor support, higher quality keyboard, or a powered dock and global availability.

To be certified and supported by Microsoft IT, devices must be thoroughly tested, and have specific drivers and software installed. Our goal is to provide the best user experiences with devices that are optimized for productivity and ease of use, and that enable support and global availability.

As part of this goal, we also create productivity guides and troubleshooting guides for the certified devices. Hardware We work directly with manufacturers to ensure that the devices we include on the standard devices list have the optimized hardware configuration that we require for certification.

We also need to ensure that peripherals work well enough to support other core business functions. For example, at Microsoft we rely on Skype for Business for meetings, telephony, and messaging, so audio and visual components are important.

Performance When considering performance, we have categories that help us recommend devices for different types of employees.

Skadurz pro case study

A developer typically requires a high-performance processor and more memory, whereas a business user might need mobility and the flexibility to convert to a tablet with ink capabilities.

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are hybrid devices that offer both performance and portability. The Surface devices consistently scored well on all our performance benchmark tests. Security Special hardware like fingerprint scanners and TPM chips allow our employees to quickly sign in to high-security business areas on trusted devices.

The process we used is streamlined and is the same for all manufacturers that we work with, including Microsoft. Maximizing productivity by requiring minimal user configuration To maximize productivity, we configured the new device experience to require only minimal user configuration.

We want to ensure a great user experience by creating an out-of-the-box experience that helps ensure that devices are ready for work when employees first turn them on. Most employees will only need to turn on their devices and sign in to get started. For existing employees who are receiving new devices, most of their data and user profiles are already in the cloud.

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Skadurz Pro is in the retail industry that sells skateboarding and snowboarding gears and equipment in Sudbury, Ontario. Free Essays on Skadurz Pro Case Study for students.

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