Review of literature of profitability analysis of ntpc ltd

Product Costing is also used for production profitability and management accounting. Two areas have to be set in order to configure Product Costing.

Review of literature of profitability analysis of ntpc ltd

Review of literature of profitability analysis of ntpc ltd

Basic Properties of Ratios 2. Functional Form of Financial Ratios 2. Distributional Characteristics of Financial Ratios 2.

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Classification of Financial Ratios 2. Measurement of Profitability and Financial Ratios 3. Conclusions References Section 2. Also available from World Wide Web: It is observed that it is typical of financial ratio analysis research that there are several unexpectedly distinct lines with research traditions of their own.

This leaves much space for the development of a more robust theoretical basis and for further empirical research. Financial statement analysis, financial ratios, review Acknowledgments: Also published on the World Wide Web as http: Introduction Financial ratios are widely used for modelling purposes both by practitioners and researchers.

The firm involves many interested parties, like the owners, management, personnel, customers, suppliers, competitors, regulatory agencies, and academics, each having their views in applying financial statement analysis in their evaluations.

Practitioners use financial ratios, for instance, to forecast the future success of companies, while the researchers' main interest has been to develop models exploiting these ratios.

Many distinct areas of research involving financial ratios can be discerned. Historically one can observe several major themes in the financial analysis an alysis literature. There is overlapping in the observable themes, and they do not necessarily coincide with what theoretically might be the best founded areas, a reas, ex post.

However, the modern, quantitative analysis has developed into its various segments during the last two decades with the advent of the electronic data processing techniques. The empiricist emphasis in the research has given rise to several, often only loosely related research trends in quantitative financial statement analysis.

Theoretical approaches have also been developed, but not always in close interaction with the empirical research. Technically, financial ratios can be divided into several, sometimes overlapping categories.

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One way of categorizing the ratios is on the basis where X and Y come from see Foster,pp. In traditional financial ratio analysis both the X and the Y are based on financial statements. In this paper we review the existing trends in financial statement analysis literature by focusing primarily on the theoretical and empirical basis of financial ratio analysis.Profitability index Yet another time adjusted method of evaluating the investment proposals is the benefit-cost (B/C) ratio or profitability index.

IRR assumes reinvestment of positive cash flows during the project at the same calculated IRR. the liquidity and profitability trade off in Bharti Airtel Ltd, India`s most outstanding review of relevant literature produced till date on the offered subject reveals wide room for Profitability Analysis.

Year CA(curre nt assets) in crore FA(fixed assets) in crore Total assests(TA). Rediff MoneyWiz, the personal finance service from equips the user with tools and information in the form of graphs, charts, expert advice, and more to stay up-to-date and make informed decisions.

CONCLUSIONS The present study entitled “Techniques of financial analysis” in National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. It indicates the return which the shareholders are earning on their resources invested in the arteensevilla.comretation: The higher the ratio the better it is. 3/9/ Literature Review on Financial Statements Analysis - College Essay - Shankarjadhav28 «Study and create flashcards for free at 84) Financial Analysis Mangalam Cement Ltd Financial Statement Analysis 85) Financial Analysis of MTNL Mananagar Telephone Nigam Limited, Delhi 86) Financial Analysis of NTPC.

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