Photo essay 101

Create a Photography Bucket List Set goals. Try a new genre of photography. Push yourself to keep trying new things. Photo by Erika Sneeringer Write it down.

Photo essay 101

101 Examples of Features Versus Benefits

After some pre-sailing tumult with crew members darting all over the ship, we took off into the skyways. The vast expanse of sky, the pristine green coastlines, the salty breeze hitting my face, the rather pungent smell of the deck, the pirates breaking open a keg of Yum behind me -- it was all Photo essay 101 as I had imagined!

Photo essay 101

We had just entered a whirlwind of sorts and popped out into a surreal starry space when some feathered snakes suddenly rushed onto the ship. They started to go for the Yum laying around, but my hooman would have none of it; she took out some strange-looking knives and confronted the snakes.

A few other crew members joined in as I was frozen with fear, paling at the thought of harming a fellow creature of the world, however uncouth they may be. More and more snakes kept coming, and while my hooman was quite skilled at rendering them unconscious, she was looking the worse for wear herself.

I had retreated to the sidelines, too scared to head back into the fray, when the gravity of the situation hit me: Recklessly charging forward, I knocked out a snake with a single headbutt, and I could hear whoops of approval from the others as they fought nearby. I was proud of my first real battle, but I was also shaken, unable to savor the peaceful landscape.

As she tended to my bruises and scratches, my hooman, as if telepathic yet again, said: We then docked and proceeded into a giant canyon; I heard my hooman announce to the crew: What kind of terrible life must this Jack lead, killing the innocent for monetary gain?

I begged my hooman to join the frontal attack party, and she capitulated on the grounds that I remain behind her as we enter the cave. My heart was pounding as we creeped into the dimly lit mustiness; there was a vent spewing noxious gas and crates upon crates of who-knows-what-shady-business.

The fight was short but intense. My glow gave our party away as soon as we emerged into the open cavern, but Froggo and Sarah were already positioned for sneak attacks, efficiently dispatching with two riflemen near the back.

My hooman got in close enough range to land some heavy hits, and while Jack was still reeling in pain and surprise, I lunged forward to deal the finishing blow. All well, er, most of the crew members praised me for my bravery, and I was somersaulting with joy the whole time. At home, the crew prepared an outdoors feast to celebrate the victory, complete with banana soup, banana stew, banana salad, banana gumbo, banana sandwich, banana kabobs and more.

I wonder what fun adventure my pirate will take me on today! We hopped on the ship and set sail towards Aquila! I love looking at all the cool things in the skyways.

This rock eagle mountain is so fascinating! I was distracted and we were attacked by harpies! I jumped in to help my pirate get them off our ship! But luckily my pirate has great cannons to take it down so we can get to Ithaca! In the middle of us taking down the Scylla heads, these Scylla crawlies washed on board and attacked us!

My pirate and I are great buccaneers and we kicked them off and finished the Scylla heads so we could get through!Boracay is one of the 7, islands in the Philippines and part of the central group of islands in the country.

Why choose NPC?

The Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia comprising of 3 major groups of islands: Luzon (north), Visayas (central) and Mindanao (south) and out of 7, islands, only are inhabited.

The Philippines is blessed with beautiful forests . NPC offers a full spectrum of welding coursework from foundational safety and metal preparation to basic and advanced courses in GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, weld quality, plastic and aluminum welding and more!

The program is designed to enable students to earn national certification for their welding skills from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and the AWS, the.

A (nearly) complete list of perennials that can be valued for more than just their flowers. The plants in this article have shown exemplary foliage color, variegation, or other unique characteristics that keep them interesting even when not in bloom.

Look at the essay and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. The morpho butterflies comprise many species of Neotropical butterfly under the genus genus includes over 29 accepted species and accepted subspecies, found mostly in South America, Mexico, and Central America.

Morpho wingspans range from cm ( in) for M. rhodopteron to 20 cm ( in) for M. hecuba, the imposing sunset name morpho, meaning "changed" or. The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is geared toward students who want to finish their degree and move directly into AAS prepares you for the workforce in a variety of fields like automotive technology, computer technology, film & digital video, nursing, cosmetology, early childhood development, graphic design, construction, welding and many more.

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