Dynamic modeling control fuel cell thesis srinivasan

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Dynamic modeling control fuel cell thesis srinivasan

The overall model is comprised of models that describe the dynamic behavior of the engine, the transmission mechanical components, the hydraulic actuation components, and the vehicle and driveline. A lumped-parameter model, that incorporates fluid film dynamics and a simplified thermal model, is used to describe wet clutch friction.

The model of the hydraulic actuation system includes detailed models of the clutch and synchronizer actuation subsystems. The powertrain simulator is used to demonstrate how changes in transmission parameters affect the quality of clutch-to-clutch shifts and the overall dynamic response of the powertrain.

Based on this model, measurements of clutch pressure and the rotational speeds and estimated accelerations at the input and output sides of the clutch are used in the design of a friction parameter estimation scheme that can be implemented offline using past simulation data or online using current simulation signals.

For both offline and online cases, simulation results demonstrate that friction parameters are estimated with reasonable accuracy. An integrated powertrain controller is developed with a model-based feedforward controller and multiple feedback loops.

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The feedforward controller, which generates a pressure command to either clutch, is developed by inverting a simplified model of the powertrain, and using a static friction model to relate clutch pressure to friction torque.

The inputs to the feedforward controller are speeds and estimated accelerations of the engine and clutches.

Dynamic modeling control fuel cell thesis srinivasan

The feedforward controller adapts to changes in friction characteristics by updating the friction parameters used in the static friction model using the values generated by the estimation scheme. The feedback controller contains loops that control clutch slip and engine speed by manipulating clutch pressure, throttle angle, and spark advance.

Simulation results for the proposed controller demonstrate that for upshifts, the adaptation of the feedforward controller to varying friction parameters results in improved shift quality relative to the non-adaptive case where the friction parameters input to the feedforward controller are not varied along with the simulated friction characteristics.

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Automotive Engineering; Mechanical Engineering Keywords: In the first topology, each DGS unit utilizes a battery in parallel to the fuel cell in a standalone AC power plant and a grid-interconnection.

In Topology 1, two applications are studied: First, dynamic model of the fuel cell is given based on electrochemical process. Second, two full-bridge DC to DC converters are adopted and their controllers are designed: Particularly, for the grid-connected DGS application, a synchronization issue between an islanding mode and a paralleling mode to the grid is investigated, and two case studies are performed.

In Topology 2, this dissertation presents system modeling, modified space vector PWM implementation and design of a closed-loop controller of the Z-source converter for the standalone AC power generation.

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The fuel cell system is modeled by an electrical R-C circuit in order to include slow dynamics of the fuel cells and a voltage-current characteristic of a cell is also considered. A discrete-time state space model is derived to implement digital control and a space vector pulse-width modulation technique is modified to realize the shoot-through zero vectors that boost the DC-link voltage.

Also, three discrete-time feedback controllers and an asymptotic observer are designed. Distributed generation systems; fuel cell; dynamic modeling; standalone; grid-interconnection; isolated full-bridge DC to DC power converter; three-phase inverter; space vector PWM; Z-source converter; digital control.In this chapter a detailed solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) dynamic model is developed, and its Simulink model is given.

This model is compared to an existing dynamic model of a Polymer Exchange Membrane. Fuel Cells: Dynamic Modeling and Control with Power Electronics Applications, Second Edition - CRC Press Book.

Dynamic Modeling and Control of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell as a Distributed Generator by Padmanabhan Srinivasan Thesis submitted to the College of.

Dynamic modeling control fuel cell thesis srinivasan

Dynamic modeling, design and simulation of a PEM fuel cell/ultra-capacitor hybrid system for vehicular applications Author links open overlay panel . Develop a set of mathematical ideas with srinivasan thesis fuel control dynamic modeling cell greater impact. Interior design int. Thinking for learning prioritise reorder with a kind of frenzied baroque sticking shrimps in a situation and whether the language well enough to get a job.

Dynamic Modeling of Reliability Constraints in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Implications for Advanced Control • SS and Dynamic Simulations of Fuel Cell Operation • Conclusion Overview.

Dynamic Modeling Challenges.

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