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The aircraft was planned from the outset as a record-breaking aircraft, but after becoming convinced that the aircraft was capable of taking the world long-distance flight record, the German Air Ministry Reichsluftfahrtministerium approved the project and gave it the airframe designation number of The plan captured the imagination of Adolf Hitler at an early stage in its design and in tribute, the aircraft carried the unofficial name: The single- spar all-metal wing was designed to serve as a fuel tank and its depth at the wing root was only slightly less than the height of the fuselage. The decision to use the DB engine was a problem because only a few were available for development projects, as most were needed for types already in production such as the Heinkel He

261 b m p p d

The following materials are not solid wastes for the purpose of this part: This exclusion applies only to the actual point source discharge. It does not exclude industrial wastewaters while they are being collected, stored or treated before discharge, nor does it exclude sludges that are generated by industrial wastewater treatment.

The exclusion applies so long as the plant meets all of the conditions. If the plant goes out of compliance with any condition, it may apply to the appropriate Regional Administrator or state Director for reinstatement.

The Regional Administrator or state Director may reinstate the exclusion upon finding that the plant has returned to compliance with all conditions and that the violations are not likely to recur. This exclusion is conditioned on there being no land disposal of the wastes from the point they are generated to the point they are recycled to coke 261 b m p p d or tar recovery or refining processes, or mixed with coal tar.

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Materials inserted into thermal cracking units are excluded under this paragraph, provided that the coke product also does not exhibit a characteristic of hazardous waste.

Oil -bearing hazardous secondary materials may be inserted into the same petroleum refinery where they are generated, or sent directly to another petroleum refinery and still be excluded under this provision.

Except as provided in paragraph a 12 ii of this section, oil -bearing hazardous secondary materials generated elsewhere in the petroleum industry i. Residuals generated from processing or recycling materials excluded under this paragraph a 12 iwhere such materials as generated would have otherwise met a listing under subpart D of this part, are designated as F listed wastes when disposed of or intended for disposal.

Recovered oil is oil that has been reclaimed from secondary materials including wastewater generated from normal petroleum industry practices, including refining, exploration and productionbulk storageand transportation incident thereto SIC codes,,, and Recovered oil does not include oil -bearing hazardous wastes listed in subpart D of this part; however, oil recovered from such wastes may be considered recovered oil.

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Recovered oil does not include used oil as defined in 40 CFR The exemption applies only to combustion at the mill generating the condensates. Tanks, containersand buildings must be designed, constructed and operated to prevent significant releases to the environment of these materials.

Solid mineral processing spent materials do not contain any free liquid. The decision-maker must affirm that pads are designed, constructed and operated to prevent significant releases of the secondary material into the environment.

Pads must provide the same degree of containment afforded by the non-RCRA tanks, containers and buildings eligible for exclusion.

A The decision-maker must also consider if storage on pads poses the potential for significant releases via groundwater, surface water, and air exposure pathways. Factors to be considered for assessing the groundwater, surface water, air exposure pathways are: The volume and physical and chemical properties of the secondary materialincluding its potential for migration off the pad; the potential for human or environmental exposure to hazardous constituents migrating from the pad via each exposure pathway, and the possibility and extent of harm to human and environmental receptors via each exposure pathway.

B Pads must meet the following minimum standards: C Before making a determination under this paragraph, the Regional Administrator or State Director must provide notice and the opportunity for comment to all persons potentially interested in the determination.

This can be accomplished by placing notice of this action in major local newspapers, or broadcasting notice over local radio stations. The types of materials to be recycled ; the type and location of the storage units and recycling processes; and the annual quantities expected to be placed in land-based units.

This notification must be updated when there is a change in the type of materials recycled or the location of the recycling process. Listed hazardous wastes and characteristic hazardous wastes generated by non-mineral processing industries are not eligible for the conditional exclusion from the definition of solid waste.

A Submit a one-time notice to the Regional Administrator or State Director in whose jurisdiction the exclusion is being claimed, which contains the name, address and EPA ID number of the generator or intermediate handler facilityprovides a brief description of the secondary material that will be subject to the exclusion, and identifies when the manufacturer intends to begin managing excluded, zinc-bearing hazardous secondary materials under the conditions specified in this paragraph a B Store the excluded secondary material in tanks, containers, or buildings that are constructed and maintained in a way that prevents releases of the secondary materials into the environment.

261 b m p p d

At a minimumany building used for this purpose must be an engineered structure made of non-earthen materials that provide structural support, and must have a floor, walls and a roof that prevent wind dispersal and contact with rainwater.

Tanks used for this purpose must be structurally sound and, if outdoors, must have roofs or covers that prevent contact with wind and rain.

Containers used for this purpose must be kept closed except when it is necessary to add or remove material, and must be in sound condition. Containers that are stored outdoors must be managed within storage areas that: C With each off-site shipment of excluded hazardous secondary materials, provide written notice to the receiving facility that the material is subject to the conditions of this paragraph a D Maintain at the generator 's or intermediate handlers's facility for no less than three years records of all shipments of excluded hazardous secondary materials.

For each shipment these records must at a minimum contain the following information:The alkenol 7g was cyclized in the presence of p-TSA (1 equiv) and CH 2 Cl 2 ( M), at room temperature affording a separable mixture by silica gel chromatography of 8g:9g in 58% yield with no diastereoselectivity (dr = ), proving the importance of the catalyst in this reaction.

261 b m p p d

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